The initiative is a project of the Aga Khan Development Network

Increasingly, I believe, the voices of Civil Society are voices for change. They are voices that can help transform countries of crisis into countries of opportunity. Addressing that fear, and replacing it with hope, will be a major step to the elimination of poverty. An active Civil Society can open the door for an enormous variety of energies and talents from a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals. It means opening the way for diversity. It means welcoming plurality.

- His Highness the Aga Khan


Many people in the Basti are unaware of their rights and not familiar with the several government schemes from which they can seek benefits, and are entitled too. The level of understanding of the community related to governance is very limited. Residents tend to oversimplify institutional matters or have a very superficial knowledge of the schemes, rights and services they are entitled for. On the whole, given the complexity of the governance system in Delhi, basti-dwellers are too often clueless on how to approach the authorities: Where to go? Whom to talk to? What procedure to follow?
To address this issue, a resource centre - Rehnumai, was established, which links the community members to the various government entitlements and facilitates in the creation of important documents, and in turn, empower the community. Rehnumai also functions as a node for information on jobs and higher education, and builds capacities with local youth to negotiate and dialogue with governments for improved service delivery


Number of people assisted for various programmes: 7500

The Rehnumai Centre offers assistance in the following schemes:

  • Laadli Scheme: A Delhi Govt. scheme providing financial incentives to girl child in the family.
  • Birth & Death Certificate; Surviving Member Certificate: These are needed at the time for school admissions, completing formalities, and access to monthly of pensions
  • Income Certificate; EWS Certificate: Needed for school admissions or minority scholarship or procuring ration card
  • Widow Pension; Old age Pension: A Delhi Govt. scheme which entitles widows and senior citizens for a monthly pension.
  • Disability Certificate & Pension: Issued by doctors to enable a disabled person access a government pension, and apply for government jobs in the disabled quota
  • Ration/ Aadhar/ Voter/ PAN/ID Cards: To establish identity and used to open bank accounts as they are accepted under the KYC norms
  • Driving License; Passport: To establish identity for various govt. schemes and at the time of employment
  • Gas Connection; Bank Account; Online FIR: To facilitate online applications
  • Economic Support Scheme: To facilitate access to MLA fund especially for marriage of girls
  • OBC Certificate: To facilitate application, needed for accessing quotas in education, jobs, government schemes
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