The initiative is a project of the Aga Khan Development Network

The AMASR Act Amendment 2010 has made it mandatory for all monuments to have site specific bye-laws. The National Monument Authority (NMA) requested AKTC to undertake preparation of the heritage bye-laws for all monuments that stand within the Humayun’s Tomb sub circle. In anticipation of preparing these bye-laws for the NMA, the following studies have been undertaken. An advisory group comprising Mr. E.F.N.Ribeiro, Mr. Ashok Khurana, Dr. Narayani Gupta, Dr. R.C.Agrawal and late Prof. M Shaheer was constituted and regular consultative meetings held with a team from AKTC constituting of conservation architects and urban planners.

Extensive documentation and review of existing planning norms was done for the monuments and their buffer zones within the project area of Nizamuddin. A total of 29 ASI protected monuments, 2 State protected monuments and 72 MCD listed monuments were identified within the Nizamuddin Area. Detailed drawings showing their boundaries as per gazette notifications and the urban built-up within their buffer zones were developed. A 3D visualization of the Basti showing building heights and view corridors was also developed to help understand on-ground situations. Preliminary presentations of these studies have been made to the NMA.

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