The initiative is a project of the Aga Khan Development Network
Early stimulation of Infants

The Convention on the Rights of the Child acknowledges that parenting is one of the strongest influences on children, particularly, during their early childhood years. Early life experiences form the foundation for brain architecture and scientists now know that a major ingredient in this brain development process is the interaction between children with their parents or caregivers.

The early years provide a critical window of opportunity but also present the risk of vulnerability when neglected. Parents, key caregivers and families have the influencing power to determine a child’s chances for survival and development in terms of physical wellbeing, cognitive development and socioemotional development. Undeniably, parents and key caregivers could be considered the foremost and strongest influence on early child development. However, parents or caregivers, and families often need support in being able to fulfill their role, especially, if they are burdened by risk factors. The project recognizes that parents and key caregivers have the primary responsibility of rearing children but also recognizes that they require assistance in creating those optimal environments for positive child development.

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