The Rehnumai was set up as resource centre in 2014 to provide information on government entitlements as well as information on the process that needs to be followed to obtain specific government documents, the supporting documents needed and assistance in filling the forms if required. In case online application is possible, the staff at the centre facilitates that as well. In case, there are a large number of people needing assistance in a particular scheme then one of the Rehnumai staff also accompany the group to that particular office.

In 2015, 18 people were directly assisted to link with 21 different kinds entitlements. This programme has helped to increase awareness among the community of the various government entitlements that are available to them and the process to link to that entitlement – this empowers them and equips them to deal with the government as a development agency which is a step towards sustainability.

In addition, Rehnumai functions as a market intelligence agency and provides information on vacancies. It also works with the NIIT Foundation to set up job fairs. In 2015, 4 job fairs were organized in which 575 candidates participated and 460 were offered jobs. Some of these included people who had been trained in previous batches or other members of the community. Further it provided information to 75 people on jobs to walk in cases.

Rehnumai also offers information on higher education opportunities to youth of the Basti. In 2015, 20 young people’s queries on higher education were addressed. This included information on admission and scholarships.

The Rehnumai Resource Centre links the community with 18 kinds of government entitlements. With an internet connection, it helps the community to apply for various papers that establish their identity to help them access the government schemes. It is an important link with the community as apart from linking them, it also provides information on how to access government entitlements.