The initiative is a project of the Aga Khan Development Network
Before Conservation/Significance

Sabz Burj is prominently sited and can be precisely dated to the onset of Mughal rule in Delhi. It is unique for its architectural style and treatment and as with most of the monumental tombs standing in Nizamuddin area. it suffered from neglect and vandalism reducing the magnificent structure to a roadside ruin. Conservation works being undertaken here are aimed at enhancing the architectural significance of the monument using traditional tools and techniques to recover the lost grandeur of this important structure, located within the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site of Humayun’s Tomb.

Baoli Monuments

Following the completion of conservation of the Baoli, conservation effort a now focussed on the western facade where in addition to planned conservation works of Gogabai Tomb, Chini ka Burj, alterations to a residential structure are being carried out to restore the arcade seen in archival images.

Our Team

At the entrance to the Interpretation Centre/ Site Museum stands the early 16th century monument of Sabz Burj, possibly the earliest Mughal structure in Delhi. Over 6 million individuals view the magnificent yet presently ruinous structure located on the busy Mathura Road every year. AKTC is seeking from Havell’s co-funding to undertake the conservation of Sabz Burj. This initiative brings together world class professional capabilities in all relevant areas and combines a visionary approach with local contexts and complexities. It is establishing an archetype for participatory conservation-led development with respect for historic cities and their human, cultural, and physical assets, and showcasing a unique and effective approach to the revitalisation of historic urban centres by simultaneously focussing on conservation of protected and unprotected monuments, public space enhancement, environmental upgrading together with the physical upgrading of adjacent living areas, vocational training, employment generation, upgrading essential facilities such as in the education and health sectors, amongst key proposed interventions.

  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • Aga Khan Trust for Culture
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