Sabz Burj, standing at the entrance to the Humayun’s Tomb, is an example of early Timurid architecture and could be precisely dated to the 1520’s or the onset of Mughal rule in Delhi. This prominently sited structure is unique for its architectural style and treatment and as with most of the monumental tombs standing in the Humayun’s Tomb – Nizamuddin area, it has suffered from neglect, vandalism and inappropriate past repairs reducing the magnificent structure to a roadside ruin.
Sabz Burj is in need of urgent conservation works aimed at enhancing its architectural significance and ensuring its long term preservation, and restoring the architectural character lost due to the loss of elements such as glazed tiles and due to inappropriate and poor conservation attempts in the 20th century. Located on a busy intersection, the monument is highly visible and an estimated 6 million passersby will be witness to the grandeur of the monument, once conservation works are implemented.

Conservation works will first require to undertake repair of cracks resulting from vibrations and unequal settlement but will be completed by restoring missing tilework, restoring hand carved sandstone screens to the arched openings in-lieu of the unsightly iron grilles.