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Conservation Barah Khamba Tomb - Garden

On the eastern end of Lodhi Road, at the edge of Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti stands a16th century Lodhi era domed tomb building, known as Barah Khamba on account ofthe 12pillars that stand on its four sides. It is a nationally protected monument by the ASI, and the park in which it stands is owned by the DDA.

Barah Khamba stands within the Delhi Master Plan designatedheritage Zone of Nizamuddin and in close proximity to the Humayun’s TombWorld Heritage Site

In 2014, the Delhi Urban Heritage Foundation of the DDA awarded a grant to AKTC toundertake the conservation of Barah Khamba, located prominently on Lodhi Road aswell as sensitively landscape the park within which this 16th century monument stands.
Conservation works were undertaken by master craftsmen using traditional materialssuch as lime mortar to conserve the building to how the original builders, five centuriesago had meant it to be seen, and were supervised by a multi-disciplinary AKTC teamcomprising conservation architects, engineers, historians, landscape architects,designers and horticulturists, amongst others.

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