A community group, Rehmat Nigrani Samooh (RNS) of individuals from the Basti has been set up who are responsible for the daily management of the toilet complexes. This includes collection of payments, maintenance and oversight of the complex.

The group was set up in January 2009 and since then it meets every month to review the construction/operations of the toilet complex.

The toilets are managed through a pay and use system and family cards for residents. The resident families have been given family cards to enable use at negligible cost of Rs 30 per month for a family of five. The income of the toilets is deposited into a bank account solely managed by the group. The RNS has been trained in banking and accounting and group management and continue to be trained to enhance their skills in managing the facility. More than 8000 people use the two facilities on a daily basis during the Urs. The group manages the daily operations and bear 50% of the maintenance costs of the toilet including, electricity costs, staff salaries and material costs.

Cleanliness audits of both the CTCs are being continued on a regular basis by RNS members and AKTC staff to ensure that the facilities remain clean and well maintained. Constant supervision, counseling of users, cleaning staff and managers to maintain cleanliness in the CTC to eradicate wastage of water is done.

The timely payment of the family card fee has been streamlined and discount provided to users on timely payment. Over 250 people from the Basti are availing the user card option to pay for using the community toilets.