In the first step to beautification and landscaping of the area near the nallah, 200 trees were planted on both sides of Barahpulla Nallah. The plantation was carried out by involving resident community from houses near Nallah, students of SDMCschool and team members from the community. These trees are currentlybeing maintained by a team of dedicated gardeners, a guard and the neighbourhood group.
To promote the proper disposal of solid waste from households and discourage the practice of disposing waste on the nallah side, most of the 144 houses have been linked to the waste collection system. A waste collector and community worker have been dedicated to this area to ensure effective waste disposal. After compilation and analysis of the annual rainfall studies and its impact on the nallah, technical plans were developed by hydraulic engineering consultants. The size and slope of the main water channel were redesigned keeping in mind maximum water flows during peek monsoon seasons.
Based on the requirements expressed by the hydraulic engineers, a landscape design was prepared to incorporate walking paths, green patches and sit out spaces along the water channel that may be used by basti residents during non monsoon months.