As a first step, over a 1000 trucks of waste accumulated was removed and the concrete water channel was found below six feet of accumulated waste – mostly from the construction of the elevated road. The existing earth levels were graded in terraces and lined with a retaining wall of dry stone masonry supported by compacted earth. De-silting and development works on both sides of the first 250 meters of the nallah were completed in 2015.
On AKTC's request, the Delhi Jal Board laid a 300 meter long sewage line to collect toilet waste from the nallah facing houses and transport the same to the existing sewerage system.
Drain pipe connections have been provided to 50% of the homes facing the Nallah so that the waste water can be directly channelized into the sewerage network. Excess construction waste, rubble and garbage was also removed from the Nallah.