In 2009-10 A detailed physical survey was carried out in the months of June - August 2009 of the Nizamuddin Basti. This was necessary since the previous survey was carried out in 1941 and since then the Basti has seen phenomenal growth. All streets and street infrastructure including pavements, street lighting, drainage and sewage were mapped in the Basti. The physical survey was followed by condition mapping, typology and other physical features of the built environment. On the basis of the survey map, seven principal streets in the Basti were identified for street improvement initiative. These streets are entry points to the Basti and lead to important spiritual/religious/ heritage/cultural sites such as the Dargah, Kalan Masjid, Baoli and the MCD complex of buildings (polyclinic, school, barat ghar, toilets). As a result, carefully designed street improvements have been implemented by the SDMC with technical assistance and supervision by AKTC on all Basti streets.

Improvements in these streets included upgrading of streets lights, additional parking facilities, change of street paving, and improvements in water points, drains and sewerage where ever required. Designs for the streets take into account the existing site conditions and are done keeping in mind the unique cultural identity of the Basti. A range of paving patterns have been used to highlight street intersections, chowks and entries to the Dargah, Baoli and other areas of interest.

Over the years the streets of basti where service of door-to-door waste collection is provided have become visibly clean, with a healthier environment. Constant communication of team with SDMC and private company responsible for upkeep of municipal bins has led to timely clearance and clean surroundings near them.
To help in monitoring the quality of the services, a system of street waste audits has been put in place. The neighborhood group women along with people from the basti visit SDMC officials every week to submit a report card on cleanliness of streets. As a result of street audits, street sweeping by safai karamcharis in residential areas of basti has become more regularized.