The ability to work with computers is today a necessity. To bridge the digital divide, six ‘Hole-in-the-wall’ kiosks have been installed in the Basti to make computers accessible to all children in the Basti, especially those who would not have access to computers.

The first Hole - in - the Wall kiosk was installed in 2011 to provide computer access to street-children installed, which has since grown into six kiosks at key locations in the Basti where they can be accessed by a large section of out-of-school children. These contain subject enriching content explained in engaging game format. These kiosks are used on an average by 60-80 children from the Basti daily. Though unstructured training, these computers are pre-loaded with educational material and monitoring & research has demonstrated that groups of children working on computers in this manner has a significant positive impact on learning.

The Kiosks are regularly upgraded with additional learning material and promptly maintained as and when required.