The MCD gymnasium was upgraded, expanded and equipped with new machinery and opened for use by Basti residents in May 2011 and was inaugurated by Councillor Mr Farhad Suri. The gym was upgraded based on the expressed needs of the basti residents, especially the youth. The gym has been equipped with new fitness equipment and will be managed by an enthusiastic group of local youth and a local trainer in partnership with MCD and AKTC. A youth group initiated dialogue with interested community members in order to identify a local coach, establish separate timings for men and women and register and manage attendance of gym members. The group established the Avaam Fitness centre as a first step towards a formalising fitness and sports facilities in the Basti.

The gym is open from 6 to 9 in the morning and evening for boys and between 3-5 in the evening for girls and women. The area close to the gymnasium was also opened up for wall art where artists and graphic designers from the city as well as local residents volunteered to paint the wall using appropriate designs and patterns.

The new buzz in Nizamuddin Basti: A gym they can call their own