Rehabilitation of civic open spaces seeks to enhance the area’s value and significance in terms of history, places of spiritual importance and recreation. Exhaustive consultations were carried out with the community for open space and street development designs. Improving access to sanitation facilities has been one of the focus areas in the basti. Repair and upgrading of sewage lines, sewage and drainage layout planning in consultation with Delhi Jal Board and repair and, upgrading of sewage connections have been carried out. A non-functional community toilet was upgraded under the program and it has improved access to hygienic sanitation facilities for residents and visitors to the basti. Large sections of the community rely on community water points and use small outdoor spaces. The water point near the Baoli Gate of the Dargah - at Rafai Khana/ Takia Panjatani, grave platform at the end of the Musafirkhana Street and other key community squares have been upgraded and tastefully decorated using broken tile pieces.