Khan-I-Jahan Tilangani was the prime minister with great influence in the court of Firoz Shah Tughlaq. He helped Firoz Shah Tughlaq get possession of Delhi after the death of Muhammad Shah. After which he was made the Wazir and was given the title of Khan-i-Jahan. He held this position for 18 years till his demise in 1368-69 A.D, after which he was buried at the foot of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah. Tilanani’s Tomb is one of the first octagonal tombs in Delhi.

Today the area around the tomb is completely built up and the tomb itself serves as the residence of several families. The three arched openings on each of the eight sides have been blocked. The interior is all occupied and not accessible to the outsider. Thick vegetation is growing out of the joints of the domes. Some of the sandstone cladding of the dome has fallen off. Water appears to be seeping into the structure. In general, the structure was showing an advanced stay of decay at the commencement of the conservation programme. The philosophy and the approach of conservation to be adopted here involves minimal disturbance of the existing settlement pattern with surgical removal of structures required to expose the building.

The area around the restored monument will be developed with hard landscape. The space will act as an urban square with the monument as its prop to create its identity and to provide the resource for its sustainability. The access roads to the monument area also will be developed with pavers, lights, signages.