Despite operating these courses it was realised that several children, especially street-children, had no access to computers. To expand the computer training provided at the established centre in the Basti to those not to be accessing the centre, especially street children, NIIT’s ‘Hole-in-the-wall’ computer kiosks have been installed in three locations within the Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti. Though unstructured training, these computers are pre-loaded with educational material and monitoring & research has demonstrated that groups of children working on computers in this manner has a significant positive impact on learning. The computers have been installed with software developed by NIIT and well documented to enable children to learn from one another.

In 2011, first Hole - in - the Wall to provide computer access to street-children installed. To ensure that computers become accessible to all the children and education moved beyond the classrooms in Nizamuddin, the project has installed six hole-in-the-wall computers in common open spaces. These computer kiosks are open through the day for children to access.

These computers are preloaded with education games based on the curriculum upto grade eight.

These computers are used regularly by countless children.