Heritage Zones
Heritage Zones

Working in a densely populated historic district or heritage zone of the capital city, the project has demonstrated that:

• Heritage conservation in the Indian context can benefit from the living craft traditions employed in India for over 3000 years.

• Conservation, to follow the Urban Landscape approach and ensure the setting of the site is as significant as the site itself requires joint action on the part of several government agencies, in this case, the ASI, CPWD and the South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

• Urban conservation can be coupled with socio-economic development measures. In the Indian context it is important that conservation is seen to improve quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.

The AMASR Act Amendment 2010 has made it mandatory for all monuments to have site specific bye-laws. The National Monument Authority (NMA) requested AKTC to undertake preparation of the heritage bye-laws for all 28 ASI protected monuments that stand within the Humayun’s Tomb sub circle.