For over seven centuries millions have used water from this stepped well; in keeping with requests from the Dargah Committee and local community, the conservation works on the collapsed portions of the Baoli were coupled with a mammoth effort to clean the step-well of all debris, 700 years of accumulated dust. The manual lifting of sludge required over 8000 man-days of work.

In July 2008, portions of the eastern wall collapsed threatening the security of the 18 families that were occupying the southern terrace and the 5000 or so pilgrims who used the corridor each day to visit the Dargah.

The repairs to the monument of national importance commenced after extensive technical review and discussions with the Dargah committee. In keeping with request of Pir Ahmed Nizami, Sajjada Nashin and Mutawalli (Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya) , the repair works could commence after removing seven centuries of deposits, accumulating to over twenty feet above the wooden foundations and requiring 8000 man-days to remove. Similarly the residential structure atop the collapsed portion required to be reconstructed at a recessed location.

The collapsed portion was restored with traditional materials by master craftsmen working under close supervision of structural engineers and architects who utilised state-of-art equipment to monitor the works.

Following repairs the eastern corridor was renovated with marble facing and sandstone lattice screens replaced the iron fencing of the southern arcade.
The Baoli conservation is thus an example of a complex urban conservation project with multiple requirements that could only be addressed by a multi- disciplinary team and partnership of several government agencies. The challenge of keeping this holy water clean remains with plastic and other non-biodegradable waste finding its way into the Baoli causing severe pollution. Dargah committee is requested to advice pilgrims not to drop waste into the Baoli, discourage the use of plastic in and around the Baoli complex and ensure use of dustbins to dispose waste.