In the 1980’s Nila Gumbad was segregated from the Humayun’s Tomb when a trunk sewer line was laid. Restoring the linkage required years of negotiation and discussion with over a dozen agencies. Over 200 squatters were relocated and AKTC had to build an alternate 1 km road. Almost four decades later it is a matter of great satisfaction that the integrity of the World heritage site has been restored. Construction of the alternate road that re-routes traffic behind the Nila Gumbad has been completed in mid 2014. Landscape development of Nila Gumbad by M Shaheer Associates was commenced by levelling of land requiring significant increase in earth levels in the immediate setting of the mausoleum.
The arcade originally served as a dam for the river water and thus suffered much damage and was subsequently covered up. This original arcade carefully conserved. The restoration of the enclosed Garden around the monument and the connection with the Humayun’s tomb Garden have enhanced the historic character of the complex, and also integrated it into the Humayun’s Tomb World Heritage Site.