Creating a pleasant garden and enhance the historical setting of Lakkarwala Burj, a 16th century Mughal monument

To the east of Lakkarwala Burj, along the access from the Central Vista, a rose garden was created in 2010, with the rose planting transplanted here from the vehicular roundabout around the Sundar Burj. The landscape plan ensured no damage was caused to underlying archaeology discovered during clearance works.

The rose garden comprising of 31 rectangular beds, and 19 rose varieties has a neatly laid out Delhi Quartzite paving and brick-tile paving. Inset tiles with geometric designs were made out of Dholpur to highlight pathway intersections. Grass lawns were also extended beyond the rose garden to the excavated lake promising the area a serene environment. 8 Ficus Benjamina plants from the ongoing Central Axis were carefully transplanted to the southern edge of Lakkarwala Rose Garden and are doing well.