Following an exhaustive architectural documentation and condition assessment carried out at the onset of the project, a conservation and landscape plan for Lakkarwala Burj was developed for the monument and adjoining area.

The ornamentation on the internal wall surfaces was cleaned to expose the original details, and missing incised plaster work was reconstructed following the original pattern. Missing lime punning was replaced with new lime punning. Lakkarwala Burj, like Sundar Burj has Quranic inscriptions, which too were restored in matching style of calligraphy. The parapet over the lower arcade required to be partially dismantled and rebuilt. Sandstone lattice screens in the eight arched openings in the neck of the dome and the four openings over the doorway were restored.

Following works carried out on the ceiling and the internal wall surfaces in 2010, conservation works on the fa├žade commenced in late 2011. The decorative edging of the arched openings was restored, and upper plinth was paved in red sandstone. Paving has been laid in a generous slope for effective drainage ensuring minimum damage to the structure. Entire stone floor surface has been hand dressed by craftsmen.