Major conservation works were carried on the tomb that included removal of all cement plaster and its replacement with lime plaster. The ornamental ceiling of the dome required extensive careful restoration and with the final application of lime punning as well as cleaning of stone surfaces with water and soft brushes the quality of the interior space has improved dramatically. Decorative medallions in incised plaster works on the external fa├žade as well on the veranda ceilings have been carefully conserved with missing portions restored following original patterns and designs.

The external surface of the central dome has been restored as per original material and finish. Cement plaster and decayed lime plaster works with multiple cracks have been replaced with new layer of lime plaster along with the finishing layer of lime punning prepared from matured lime putty and the marble dust. During the conservation works, original remains of the turquoise blue glazed tiles were discovered around the stone finial of the central dome which was covered underneath the new plaster layers. After removing the added layers, original glazed tile work of the finial have been restored using matching glazed turquoise blue tiles prepared on site.