The landscape design by Prof M Shaheer is designed to function as a series of generously proportioned walkways, gardens and plazas that will offer a pleasant experience for families, small groups and school parties. Each space benefits from the shade, shelter and visual interest offered by the many fine mature trees found on the site.
Each of the three main access courts is designed to exhibit a distinct landscape character. The principal entry court is a sunken garden in the shade of a large existing tree; the exit to Sundar Nursery has a traditional water-cascade as its dominant feature, making a symbolic connection with the central axis of the Sunder Nursery; and, the main approach to Humayun’s Tomb is a wide, impressive pathway gently inclined along a grass slope set within the length of a large linear court.
The intent of landscape design is to illustrate and interpret the rich traditions of design and planting associated with gardens of the Mughal period. The extensive roof of the sunken block of the Building – just a few steps above the surrounding garden – is imagined as the contemporary interpretation of a garden carpet design, mostly in sandstone.