As part of the project, much work aimed at water conservation and rainwater harvesting has been carried out. Over 128 ground water recharge pits have been provided and rainy-wells dug. A lime concrete plinth around Humayun’s Tomb would now also ensure that all rainwater falling over the building is carried by the water channels to the rainy-wells. In addition, three wells that had been completely filled in and covered over were discovered during the course of works.
Two wells of diameter 4m were found in the sunken area to the east and these were desilted to a depth of 15m and now hold about 6m of standing water. Another well was discovered in the south-west quadrant after a planned excavation was carried out in its locale; this well of narrower diameter was excavated to its original depth of 12m. Two additional wells outside the enclosure walls but feeding the garden have also been de-silted. This is the largest rain water harvesting initiative at any single site in the country.