The project has emphasized on the need for excellence in craftsmanship and training. Two essential areas of craftsmanship were in stone carving and preparation of lime mortar for masonry, Lime mortar was used for all masonry work carried out as part of the collaborative project. The pathways, channels, platforms, minor structures, wells were all thus repaired using lime mortar mixed with traditional materials such as gur (molasses), bel-giri (fruit pulp), surkhi (brick dust) in addition to course sand. The lime was also prepared and cured using traditional techniques such as the lime wheel for compaction. Red sandstone from selected quarries in the Agra region was used for a variety of purposes as part of the project. The essential use was for the water channels wherein over 3000 m of sandstone was hand-chiseled using traditional tools and techniques. Further, the signage system, benches, waterfalls, fountains have all been hand crafted in sandstone.