Portions of exquisite glazed tile work on the Bu-Halima Gateway were still present on the eastern façade in the form of tiledmedallions in the spandrels of the central large recessed arch, tileinlay work in the panels of chamfered surfaces and on the parapet.The extensive documentation of the tile remains, of the largemedallions comprising of small pieces of tiles beautifully puttogether, were carried out and the shapes and sizes of missing tileswere comprehended.

The tiles were then prepared using original materials andtechniques, and then restored as per original designs by master craftsmen. The restoration of tile-work has been completed on the gateway.All original tiles were retained, even where these had lost their glaze, in continuation of the philosophyagreed upon for the Humayun’s Tomb conservation.The restoration of tile-work has been completed on the gateway.The spandrels of all the arches and parapet were finished with Red polychromy work.